How can I view, change, or cancel my layaway?

Lauren Imhoff
Lauren Imhoff
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Our layaway manager will allow you to make commonly required changes to your plan such as changing your payment card, updating your payments schedule, or manually making payments. Click here for your Layaway Manager

Change Payment Card:

Simply visit your layaway manager and click on "Manage Payment Card"



Updating Your Payment Schedule:

Once logged into your layaway manager, click on "Schedule" and then on "Update Layaway Schedule":


Select your new desired start date (the date of when you want the next payment to process), make sure you have the correct frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) selected, and how many remaining payments (this will affect how much $ per payment). Once it is set the way you want it to be, click "Update Plan":


Manually Make An Upcoming Payment or Make Extra Payment:

Once logged into your layaway manager, select "Schedule" and scroll down to the bottom. Find the desired date you would like to pay early, and hit "Pay":


Making an extra payment is also simple! In your layaway manager, click on "Make Early Payment", and enter the amount you would like to pay:



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