Are the Rings Real?

Lauren Imhoff
Lauren Imhoff
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Our rings are 100% real, made with diamonds and authentic gold. We get this question a lot because we've done a fantastic job of pricing diamonds and gold affordably. We're based on Fifth Ave in NYC, backed by four generations of history in the industry and specialize in diamonds and gold. We offer two types of diamonds: Natural Mined Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds. You will find a clear disclosure on each ring describing whether the ring is crafted with natural or lab grown diamonds. All our rings also come with Certificates of Authenticity and 60 day returns.


In addition, we work hard to keep our prices low and affordable. We've cut out the middlemen, removed the retail store markups, and offer direct prices that don’t require discounting to make them a good deal. Our online approach allows us to be fully transparent and offer the same consistent, low price to every couple. Check out more about our direct approach here. Additionally, I'd encourage you to check out some of the reviews from the thousands of couples we've served.




Certificates of Authenticity

We provide certificates of authenticity with every purchase, for every ring! Below you see an example of our certificates that will accompany your ring set:



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