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Measuring Your Ring Size

The size of your finger is determined by the distance around () your finger and is the same size no matter which jeweler measures it. The easiest way to measure your finger is using a ring sizer that can be found at any jeweler or by ordering a free ring sizer here. If you have already measured your finger internationally, here's how to convert it to the US ring size standard measurement. You can secretly measure your partners ring size by following our tips here.

Your ring size may fluctuate by as much as a quarter to half a size during the course of the day from natural swelling with heat or by seasonal temperature swings. Err on a quarter size larger to avoid discomfort.

Common Misconceptions


Ring size is NOT linked to your shoe size.


The measurement scale is the same for men and women.


The ring finger is the fourth finger of your left hand, but depending on your heritage, it may be different.


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