Ring Fit Types

Lauren Imhoff
Lauren Imhoff
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We work hard to provide affordable rings to fit your lifestyle. Understanding the different fit types is important to pick the best ring for you. Essentially, the wedding ring fit refers to the shape of a ring’s interior surface; some are flat or curved, and some are solid or concave. This also affects the amount of gold used, and therefore price.

My Trio Rings offers four different ring fit types: standard, comfort, gallery, and concave:

Concave Fit – $   Screen_Shot_2021-09-25_at_11.46.44_AM.png
Gallery Fit – $$
Standard/Regular Fit – $$                    Screen_Shot_2021-09-25_at_12.04.03_PM.png
Comfort – $$$                    Screen_Shot_2021-09-25_at_12.13.49_PM.png

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