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How are Blue Diamonds Graded?

Similar to a white diamond, blue diamonds are graded based on the 4C’s – cut, color, clarity and carat weight. When it comes to grading a blue diamond on its color, it is graded according to the GIA Colored Diamond Color Grading System.


A blue diamond gets its color from the presence of Boron during the diamond’s formation over millions of years which alters the crystalline lattice structure of the diamond.

Colored diamonds require points of reference, which have come to be known as “masterstones” that are used to help guide the color grading of a colored diamond. This helps to eliminate the subjectivity of colors – how we perceive a color and how we communicate the name of the color.




The cut of a blue diamond refers to the shape of the diamond (i.e. round cut blue diamond, oval cut blue diamond, heart shaped blue diamond, emerald cut blue diamond, marquis cut blue diamond, princess cut blue diamond, etc.). A blue diamond is cut in a similar manner to a white diamond that is typically found in engagement rings.


Similar to white diamonds, the fewer inclusions, the higher the value of a blue diamond. Blue diamonds are transparent by nature which allows for one to view the details within the stone more clearly under a magnifying glass. 


A natural blue diamond is extremely rare and expensive, therefore the Blue Diamonds that are typically sold in engagement rings are color treated. These natural diamonds have undergone treatments such as irradiation which turn a colorless diamond into a bold blue color. It is a delicate treatment that does not damage the integrity of the diamond’s structure, but is a permanent change.

Our Selection of Blue Diamonds

My Trio Rings uses treated blue diamonds for an enhanced color which brings out the beauty in each of the diamonds. This provides a more cost effective approach for a beautiful style.

Our selection of blue diamond’s comes within the color range from medium blue-green to medium greenish-blue. The clarity of our selection of blue diamonds ranges from I1-I2 clarity grade, and our cut standard is at minimum a good cut grade. This allows for an our couples to select from a beautiful selection of blue diamond wedding ring sets at an affordable price. The Moroccan Nights Collection offers a variety of blue diamond wedding ring sets for those who want to add a little color into their lives!

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